Logo Critique

For this classmate critique, I reviewed the logo design done by Tyler, which can be found here. His was a redesign of his own logo for his freelance photography. I felt the simple, black and white color palette was effective and would fit easily and cleanly onto any photographs without distracting from them. I also liked

the implementation of his initials into the shape of the camera. It explains exactly what his company is about at first glance.

One of the issues with this logo is the scalability of it. Once shrunk down to a certain size, the word “photography” is no longer readable. This could be solved by removing the text altogether when the logo is at a certain size. The silhouette of the camera and the initials are representative enough in themselves. However, I do feel the lens of the camera looks a lot like an “o”, which makes the initials read “TOJ”. Tweaking the style of the lens would help it look less like a letter. I also feel that the spacing between the T and the J is off somehow; it interrupts the logo’s flow. I like the idea of the camera flash as well but the way it’s designed makes it look tacked on and is a bit of a distraction. Overall, I like the concept and design but I feel like it would be to the design’s benefit if the style and weight of the lines and font were altered. As is, it seems a bit heavy and awkward.


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