Project 1: Bouncing Ball

Project 1: bouncing ball from Danielle Roberts on Vimeo.

For this first assignment, I believe I did well incorporating the “squash and stretch” movement. Keeping in mind the material of each ball, I gave it more or less squash and stretch. The bowling ball, for example, has much less than the foam ball. The overall movement of each ball (arcs, spacing) looks smooth and natural, with enough squashing and stretching to remind the viewer it’s an animation. I do believe I could’ve gone a little further with the final movement of each ball; not all of them come to a nice, natural stop. I also think I could’ve utilized the graph editor more to really look at and alter the curves, fixing any awkward movements. I also could’ve matched up the timing of the ball to the reference footage a little better as well.

According to the class critique, it was also suggested I work on making the balls roll further, lessen the spacing of the arcs of the red ball slightly, and to crop my reference footage and make sure the camera is off.

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