Project #3: 5-7-5 Glitch GIF


For the “5-7-5” gif, I started by gathering a series of various stock images of hands that I could combine to create the illusion of a single hand opening. I glitched the images using the hex editor 0xED, starting off with just a few minor glitches and continuing to add more and more visible glitching. For the 5-7-5 arrangement, I made 5 frames of the gif have “minor” glitches, 7 have “major” glitches, and made one cycle of the gif last for about 5 seconds.

We use our hands every single day for a huge variety of different tasks. From typing, drawing, writing, creating, destroying, touching, feeling, and communicating, our hands are something we usually don’t give a second thought to. They are, however, capable of an essentially infinite amount of tasks that can communicate countless things. I combined this focus on the complexity of hands with the complexity of our inner selves. The gif begins with a closed fist, loosening up to what is eventually an open palm, although obstructed. The fist is symbolic of a closed mind, shut off from new ideas as well as other people. As the fist begins to loosen and the clenched fingers become less rigid, the image stars to spark with glitches. This can be seen as an equivalent to a “spark of creativity”. The bright, neon, slightly intimidating colors of the glitches contrast greatly with the neutral tones of the hands, too. As the frames begin to distort further, the original image of a hand becomes increasingly difficult to identify. The increasing distorted visuals reflect the complexity of people and the world that we live in, suggesting that things may not always be what they seem and we must open our minds to help our understanding.

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