Flipbook: The Abduction

Flipbook done in the style of Winsor McCay. I decided to use McCay’s idea of a surreal, otherworldly storyline in my project. It involves a man walking through the woods who hears a strange noise and ends up being abducted by, what is likely assumed, aliens. By keeping the abductor out of the frames, it left room for uncertainty, letting the viewer draw their own conclusions. The character in my project could be compared to “Gertie” in the sense that both character designs were quite simple. I mimicked the black and white lineart that was used in many of his films as well as perspective with the zooming into the forest of trees and the motion of the man. My flipbook was created using McCay’s method of full animation, each frame drawn individually. I feel my rendition of his work was decently successful, although less detailed and much shorter, considering i only used 50 frames whilst McCay used up to thousands. My plot was simpler, too, but it was difficult to display something more complex in a lower number of frames.

video file: https://vimeo.com/106596254
essay: flipbook-essay-pdf1.pdf

Alien Abduction

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