Imaginary Landscape Redux

iniquity (ɪˈnɪkwɪtɪ)
n, pl -ties
1. lack of justice or righteousness; wickedness; injustice
2. a wicked act; sin

Based off the word “iniquity”, I aimed to embody the word and its meaning within this image. The contrast I created using various filters and effects between the saturated blues of the sky and bright oranges in the windows helped create a stark contrast between outside and in. The focus here was meant to be the center, in the windows, where an image of a forest fire is shown burning within the house. The duplicated and enlarged background layer creates an unfocused picture and the perspective helps bring the eye to the center. The text and hand were meant to seem out of place, both there as a symbol of a higher, oppressive, uncontrollable force upon the house and its contents. The black house, sharp, twisting branches, and overall lower half of the image create inescapable barriers on all sides.

pre-critique image:

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