animationThis was my first time doing any sort of animation from scratch. It was a fairly difficult process coming up with an idea and then going on to develop it frame by frame on notecards. Since this was my first time doing this, I decided to do an easy animation while following the theme “Hit the Ground Running…”; my character jumping down then running for a moment before slowing to a walk. 

My original frames were all sketched out on index cards before being inked then scanned into Photoshop. The process of cropping and adjusting each photo was quite a process and working with this side of Photoshop was a fairly new and definitely interesting experience.

I’m happy with the way this turned out, though there are definitely some parts I’d try and pay closer attention to next time. The head/face size across the frames varies somewhat and the size of the body fluctuates slightly. I’d like to have been a little more precise with that. Also, more elements such as clothing could have been added. After seeing the end result in .gif form, I also really wished I would’ve added lines showing movement at the characters landing as well as around the swinging hands, similar to comic book art. I do like the somewhat minimalist look that I ended up with, however, and I feel like the pose and movement looks natural.

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